Minutes from the annual foundation meeting May 30 2005

      Minutes from the annual foundation assembly meeting

   Per our bylaws this meeting must be held publicly at least once a year.
   This was done this year at GUADEC on May 30 from 4:15pm to 5:45pm
   The attendance included the board (Federico Mena and Jody Goldberg missing
   the meeting, Miguel de Icaza missing the first half), the foundation
   attendance was approximately 50 persons.
   Those minutes have not been reviewed they reflect only the secretary 
   recollection of the event (corrections and further discussion should 
   be conveyed on foundation-list gnome org).

   The Meeting was mostly a very short 5mn overview of the Board and Foundation
progress from last year and nearly one hour of question, answer and debate with
the audience.

Presentation from the board:

   Owen presented the progresses made on the legal aspect of the reuse of the
GOME logos. 
   Dave presented the current state of selecting a commercial partner to build 
and on-line shop integrated to the GNOME web site.
   Tim gave an overview of the GNOME conferences which took place worldwide
this year.

Question and answers with the audience:
How to make the board more agile ?
  - reducing the board size
    -> will need to be run though the membership commitee

Gnome Foundation grants:
  - budget for marketing for user groups

Applying to foundation grants from other organizations ?
  - budget for documentation projects
  - asking for potential projects where grants could be requested

Delegating tasks within the board:
  - discussion about the inertia consensus

The board members explained how they thought they realized (or not)
at mid-term the tasks they exposed in their candidacy statement.

Discussion about GUADEC as being the main expense from the foundation
and its format.

Discussion about problems of execution within the GNOME board and community
and how this could be solved, one of the suggestion was having an executive
director speeding up the decision process. Another one was to raise blocking
decision process from the community to the board for them to take the decision.

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