Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 May 4

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 May 4


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Murray Cumming
   Jody Goldberg
   Daniel Veillard
   Dave Neary
   Tim Ney
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Jonathan Blandford
   Christian Schaller
   Luis Villa
   Miguel de Icaza

Actions completed:

   ACTION: Federico to maintain the comments numbers on Trademark live page
           at http://live.gnome.org/Trademark
     - Done, http://live.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/TrademarkPageDraft


   ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online shop
     - Ongoing, no news since shortlist selected

   ACTION: Murray to investigate getting a GNOME Foundation Member Logo
     - Ongoing, almost done

   ACTION: Owen, Jonathan to work on agendas for the meetings at GUADEC
     - Ongoing. Work on the list for AB meeting

New Action:

   ACTION: Jody to work with Tim to make sumarized numbers for last year
           GUADEC finances

   ACTION: Tim to get to get sumarized numbers for last year GUADEC finances

   ACTION: Tim to mail foundation and guadec lists to answer the 4 most
           frequently asked question as sent by Dave

   ACTION: Daniel to send a mail to Tim with new version of the descriptions
           for the different registration fees


   - GUADEC funding
     Publishing spreadsheet from last year should be possible soon
     but it need to be converted into USD and extra lines missing
     both in revenues and expenses are needed to be complete.

     Most money (fees and sponsorship) for GUADECs goes on travel and
     accomodation subsidies.
     Nobody will ever be turned away due to money constraints.

   - Advisory board meeting
     Checking who's is going to show up at the meeting

   - Board meetings at GUADEC
     Looking at topics:
     - Advisory board meeting preparation
     - Scope and target of GUADEC
     - Attracting smaller companies on the advisory board
     - Marketing and messaging about GNOME
     - Annual foundation meeting at GUADEC
     - Tim's review

   - Next expected board meeting is in Stuttgart the day before GUADEC


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