Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Feb 23

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Feb 23


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Miguel de Icaza
   Daniel Veillard
   Jonathan Blandford
   Dave Neary
   Murray Cumming
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Luis Villa
   Tim Ney
   Christian Schaller (+10)
   Jody Goldberg (+15)



   ACTION: Luis make sure the roadmap is converted to Wiki with help of Jeff
      => target is to have it up-to-date for 2.10

   ACTION: Owen to fix the WHOIS record for gnome.org to point to live
      => ongoing

   ACTION: Federico: check website for 2.10
      => ongoing
New Action:
   ACTION: Jonathan check the machine donation value from Red Hat

   ACTION: Tim and Dave check the travel subsities for the GUADEC speakers


   - Report on GUADEC
     All the authors have been notified
     Still missing some keynotes apparently
     Accomodation booking for visitors is being done
     Getting the network done
     Focus more on local marketing to users and businesses

   - Report on the financial status 
     The foundation made a surplus for year ending September 30, 2004
     The cost of GUADEC V for the fundation were limited
     The balance sheet will be made public once it is finalized

   - Agreement to garantee a large amount of last year financial
     surplus for travel subsities for GUADEC

   - Luis wished to thank Jorge Castro, Ian McIntosh, John Palmieri,
     Bryan Clark, Peter Pouliot and several others who were in and out
     for their help in making the LWE booth a success.

   - Plan to have next call in 2 weeks


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