Minutes of the Board meeting Oct 8 2003

     Minutes of the Board meeting Oct 8 2003


   Nat Friedman (chair)
   Jeff Waugh (minutes)
   Luis Villa
   Daniel Veillard (:10)
   Jonathan Blandford
   Jim Gettys
   James Henstridge
   Miguel de Icaza
   Tim Ney
   Bill Haneman		

   Glynn Foster
   Jody Goldberg


Completed Actions:

    ACTION: Nat and Jody to draft a short list of projects to propose for
	=> Should do this dynamically instead, close the action.

    ACTION: Tim to produce a proto-budget for next year based on this year's
    	fiscal results.
    => done and reviewed by budget ctte, will be sent out to the board this
   ACTION: Luis will find a speaker for the  Linux Desktop Consortium 
	   at 10th November in Boston University

   ACTION: Luis make sure Nat contacts the OSDL about GNOME involvement

   ACTION: Jeff to check the by-laws to see if there is time to make a 
           community poll before the election


    ACTION: Glynn to check for Thanks: Wilson-Sonsini for working pro-bono
            Red Hat for bandwidth in newsletter and on the foundation site
	=> still pending

    ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	=> ongoing, Tim will post to gnome-web-list

    ACTION: Nat to get the charter amended to reflect the current consensus
	: Nat sent something, but no formal adoption process has be done.
	: Nat to resend before next meeting so we can ratify.
    => Re-post mission statement

    ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
        : Glynn will fetch it from the archive and report it
	=> Nat posted, will go up as is

    ACTION : Luis poll the release team for roadmap.
    => Luis will be travelling soon, so will post today

    ACTION : Jim, find status of GPE announment from Leslie & Nils
	=> pending release and meeting

    ACTION : Tim to work with Leslie to produce a schedule of conferences
        for the next 6 months.
        => pending, should go on the web

   ACTION: Tim to get a final price cost and commitment from
           GUADEC host applicants.
   => pending

   ACTION: Daniel to schedule the conference call with the advisory board

New Actions:

   ACTION: Nat to start discussion about bugzilla BOUNTY tag on foundation


  * NY Summit - getting it announced.

  - have a location, page, people... just need an announcement
  - only gives us 60ish days, but the previous summit had similar time
  - want to get it announced today
  * GUADEC - what to do.

  - Norway have venue and internet connection donations, plus a large sum in
  - Germany are trying to get Stuttgart University to do the same, but we
    will have to wait around three weeks for confirmation
  - Support for choosing Norway now, and Stuttgart for GUADEC 2005
  - Disadvantage that the Norwegian proposal is for end of June again, but
    we will have to deal with it
  - Much discussion -> How about a two country conference? User conference
    in Germany, developer conference in Norway!
  - Proposal to approve Germany for summit or alternative event in April,
    Norway for GUADEC in June
  - We also have New York in November this year, plus a mini-conf in
    Australia in January

Deferred items (not enough time):

  * Budget.
  * Press releases on Schwaller / McNutt.
  * Elections.

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