Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting March 11 2003

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting March 11 2003


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Miguel de Icaza
    Luis Villa
    Jody Goldberg
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    Glynn Foster
    James Henstridge
    Jim Gettys
    Jeff Waugh
    Bill Haneman
    Jonathan Blandford (10:)
    Tim Ney (15:)

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Jody volunteered to work on producing a first draft of
          ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases; to get involvement from
          someone at Sun; and to make sure the draft get some review.
        => Jody finished a first draft and commited it to CVS, done
	   The next step is to have a review of it by the developpers
	   and the interested people.

  ACTION: Jonathan to double check Red Hat Advisory Board members.
      => Done Michael Tiemann is the AB member.

  ACTION: Tim to double check IBM's Advisory Board member.
      => Done, updated reps

  ACTION: Jeff to prepare a call for speaks for his "World Tour"
      => Done

  ACTION: Nat and Tim to work on fundraising
      => made an agenda item

  ACTION: Jeff will get beta.gnome.org on-line
        => made an agenda item


  ACTION: Jim to continue the font discussions with various parties.
        => Beta release of the fonts is done, ongoing.
           Jim will also contact additional font providers.

  ACTION: Miguel to talk to organisers of NordU* similarly.
        => no done

  ACTION : Tim/Jonathan Create spreadsheet outline for funding
	- baseline needs
	- target goals above that
	- known income
        => Jonathan is working with Tim, ongoing.

  ACTION: Glynn to publish a Newsletter
      => Glynn made some progress, but not yet in a publishable state,
         looking for content, depends of the frequency of the Newsletter.

  ACTION: Jim and Miguel are looking for 2 GUADEC keynote speakers
      => ongoing, 4 or 5 people have been contacted.

  ACTION: Bill to double check Sun's Advisory Board member.
      => pending

  ACTION: Tim to prepare the logistics for the Advisory Board meeting
      => ongoing

  ACTION: DV to recontact the LinuxDesktop Consortium and act as liaison
      => pending

New Actions:

  ACTION: Jeff to upload his web site current state to CVS and install
          it on beta.gnome.org March 12

  ACTION: Jody to send the ABI path in CVS to the devel list to start the


- Approval for minutes of last meeting

- Getting the new web site on-line
  Jeff expect to upload beta.gnome.org content tomorrow since he's lacking
  an internet connection ATM.
  Jeff will create a new CVS module, then content need to be moved onto
  the new tree before we can make the switch. The parts with dynamic content
  might be the hardest part to migrate.
  We should proabably be able to update the main web site within a few weeks
  of work.

- Jeff "world tour"
  3 conferences and getting in touch with potential users and member
  Jeff get's the Board blessing for this marketing project but we will
  fund only part of the trip. Jeff will handle getting his own funding.

- Fundraising for GUADEC - review/discuss Tim's proposal
  Tim managed to get to the right contact points for the members organization
  to get the funding. We are looking for more funding.
  The newsletter can be also used to provide return back to the members
  who funded the conference.

- FSF communication
  We met Eben Moglen . One of the idea raised during the call was to make
  provision in our bylaws to get one FSF and SPI representative as
  non-voting member during the Board call as a way to improve 


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