Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting February 25 2003

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting February 25 2003


    James Henstridge
    Tim Ney
    Daniel Veillard (minutes & chair)
    Jeff Waugh
    Jonathan Blandford
    Luis Villa
    Glynn Foster
    Bill Haneman
    Jody Goldberg
    Jim Gettys

    Nat Friedman
    Miguel de Icaza

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Tim and Glynn will put the tutorial information on-line and make sure
          that it goes in the PR release
      => Done

  ACTION:  Daniel to get more information about the Desktop Linux Consortium.
      => Agenda item, done


  ACTION: Jim to continue the font discussions with various parties.
        => Beta release of the fonts is done, ongoing.
           Jim will also contact additional font providers.

  ACTION: Jody volunteered to work on producing a first draft of
          ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases; to get involvement from
          someone at Sun; and to make sure the draft get some review.
        => Jody finished a first draft and need to publish it

  ACTION: Miguel to talk to organisers of NordU* similarly.
        => no news

  ACTION: Jeff will get beta.gnome.org on-line
        => Still pending, will try to get beta.gnome.org on March 7st

  ACTION : Tim/Jonathan Create spreadsheet outline for funding
	- baseline needs
	- target goals above that
	- known income
        => Jonathan is working with Tim, they hope to meet in person
           in a couple of weeks

  ACTION: Glynn to publish a Newsletter
      => Glynn made some progress, but not yet in a publishable state,
         looking for content, depends of the frequency of the Newsletter.

  ACTION: Nat and Tim to work on fundraising
      => Working on design other categories of advisory board members.

  ACTION: Jim and Miguel are looking for 2 GUADEC keynote speakers
      => ongoing, no news yet.

New Actions:

  ACTION: Jonathan to double check Red Hat Advisory Board members.

  ACTION: Bill to double check Sun's Advisory Board member.

  ACTION: Tim to double check IBM's Advisory Board member.

  ACTION: Tim to prepare the logistics for the Advisory Board meeting

  ACTION: Jeff to prepare a call for speaks for his "World Tour"

  ACTION: DV to recontact the LinuxDesktop Consortium and act as liaison


- Approval for minutes of last meeting

- making the GUADEC announcement to the advisory-board list so
  That they make accomodations and plan for the meeting
  Wondering about doing the meeting on Sunday before GUADEC
  Problem are that it is not on a week day, and USENIX is just the
  week before GUADEC so it seems scheduling the AB meeting on
  Thursday 19th June (in Dublin) just after GUADEC is the best choice.

- Contacts with the LinuxDesktop Consortium
  They are in the initial phase i.e. building their charter and bylaws,
  we have the possibility to join their advisory panel and then check
  if we agree with those and are interested in joining.
  DV will act as a contact for the LDC advisory panel.

- "World Tour" in June/July
  Jeff goes to to various meeting and conferences worldwide in June/July
  and is looking for speaking opportunities while he is on the road.
  June 5th-7th, International Free Software Forum in Brazil
  June 16th-18th, GU4DEC
  July 7th-11th, OSCON
  July 10th-13th, LinuxTag


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