Minutes for GNOME Foundation Board meeting 2002-11-05

I'm sorry these are late. I am an idiot.

          Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 2002-11-05

Present:				Absent:

   Jonathan Blandford                  Nat Friedman
   Jim Gettys                          George Lebl
   Jody Goldberg 
   Telsa Gwynne (minutes)
   James Henstridge
   Miguel de Icaza (30 minutes in) 
   Federico Mena
   Tim Ney
   Havoc Pennington
   Daniel Veillard 


  DONE: Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
        tunnelling for GNOME CVS access
        => The ssh tunnelling will get added when the new CVS 
           machine arrives. The machine is on its way. The gnome.org
           sysadmin people have their plans about ssh. There is
           nothing much the board can add. So we're dropping this 
           item from the list as done for our part. 

  DONE: Jonathan to work with Louie to put the organisation chart on the
        web site.
        => Luis has been refining Who Does What liss in email and
           it will go onto the website when ready. This is now not
           particularly a board thing, so (also) dropped from the 
           action list.

  DONE: Nat to send his guidelines for Foundation membership out.

  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
        => This is now with lawyers as Jim and Well-Known Font
           Maker discuss terms. It's not finalised, but very very 
           close. It may of course all come apart at the last minute
           so fingers crossed, basically!

  ACTION: Jody volunteer for working on producing a first
          draft of ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases, get involvement from
          someone at Sun, and make sure the draft get some review.
	=> This has not neen Jody's highest priority recently. Pending. 

  ACTION: Tim looking at structuring tutorials, need to send a 
          call for speakers
	=> See GUADEC discussions below.

  ACTION: James and Federico to look at copyright assignment guidelines
          with Tim.
         => James, Federico, Tim and Jim have been looking at this in
            email. They came up with several points (for example any 
            copyright assignment arrangement should be voluntary) ; and a
            list of questions and issues which need to be taken to lawyers.
  ACTION: Tim to send out the report he sent to board-list to 
          foundation-list as well.
         => Got sidetracked; pending.

     NEW: As a result of the copyright assignment discussions, Tim 
          to arrange a conference call between the lawyers and
          James, Jim, Federico and himself. (And any others?) 

Decisions and discussions:

  * Approve last meeting's minutes: 

  They are at:


  Trinity College has free dates: 14-18th June 2003. (Saturday-Wednesday)
  Can provide large theatre and several smaller rooms for talks and 
  possibly machine room. They also have some accomodation.
  GUADEC planning committee discussed a possible framework something
  like this: the user day being on the first day (Saturday); Sunday 
  being board meeting, advisory meeting, etc; Monday and Tuesday as 
  developers' talks days; and perhaps the Wednesday as a summit-like 
  event at the end. Nothing set in stone yet: even dates. 

  We need a CFP (Call for Papers) and a call for tutorials then.
  So we shall ask the GUADEC planning people to do that. 


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