Candidacy: James Henstridge

Name: James Henstridge
Email: james daa com au
Affiliation: None
(jamesh on #gnome)

I am announcing myself as a candidate for the 2002 elections of the GNOME Foundation board of directors.

I have been hacking on GNOME since 1998, ranging from language bindings (I maintain the Python bindings for GNOME), to platform libraries (libglade, and contributions to other libraries) and applications. I was elected at the previous elections, and am currently serving on the Foundation board.

I am active in the GNOME language bindings community, having helped define some of the standards shared by a number of the GNOME language bindings, and have helped a number of other authors develop their bindings.

I have also been working on various widgets in libegg that will feature in future GNOME platform libraries.

At the last elections, I promised to make it difficult to schedule conference calls. George will probably agree that I kept this promise.


Email: james daa com au              |
WWW: | Jan 22-25 Perth, Western Australia.

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