Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting June 4 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting June 4 2002


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Tim Ney 
    Jim Gettys
    Telsa Gwynne
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    George Lebl
    Jonathan Blandford
    Havoc Pennington
    James Henstridge
    Jody Goldberg (:15)
    Federico Mena (:30)

    Miguel de Icaza


  - Starting a comitee for next GUADEC organization
  - Make sure the new logo shows up on Gnome-2.0 rollout on the splash screen
    and the web site

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Jrb and Nat will work on the Gnome-2.2 Hack Fest announce
	=> Done

  ACTION: Nat to write up his notes from the 2.x discussion and send
       then out.
	=> Done, Havoc will take over completing this

  ACTION: Telsa to come up with description for foundation-list; Daniel
	to add it.
        => Already done


  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
	=> This is still continuing. Jim is cautiously optimistic.

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
        => This has been postponed until after GNOME 2.0
	=> See discussions.

  ACTION: Havoc, Jody, Nat volunteer for working on producing a first
       draft of ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases, get involvment from
       someone at Sun, and make sure the draft get some review.
	=> Still pending

  ACTION: Tim and Jim looking at structuring tutorials
	=> Have begun discussing this via email. Jim will talk to the 
           organizers of USENIX

New Actions:

  ACTION: Nat to make sure the splash screen logo gets updated in CVS

  ACTION: Tim and Daniel start a sub comitee for GUADEC organization


  - approve last meeting minutes:

  - GUAD3C travel reimbursement:
    People who were approved for travel subsidy, but have not received
    their reimbursement should contact Tim Ney <director at gnome org>

 -  GNOME logo: Tuomas/Jakub have been working on a new foot logo.
    We should aim to have the GNOME splash screens and website
    ready on 2.0 with the new logo.  Help is needed on the website
    to accomplish this.

  - GNOME 2.0 release marketing.  The Foundation is assembling a
    coherent message for the release and putting together a plan to do
    all associated marketing, including drafting a press release, doing
    press/analyst briefings, ensuring the new web page is launched,
    Tim reported on the marketing discussions.  We are drafting "talking
    points" to have ready for the hackers and journalists.  Having general
    guidelines for informations on how to do interview would be useful too.

  - GNOME 2.0 branching guidelines.
    Nat presented a draft write-up on this.  Havoc will take over on this

  - Establishment of a GUADEC IV committee: Tim and Daniel will start
    the committee and invite others to participate.

  - Boston summit 
    We have faculty sponsorship. There is a weekly meeting for the


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