Membership Renewal Imminent: Please Update Contact Details

Dear Foundation Members,

When the GNOME Foundation began it was anticipated that membership would
last for two years. Unfortunately at that time, no records were kept of
joining dates. Therefore we have received the approval of the Board to
expire all memberships prior to September 2001 (when we began keeping
records) during September/October 2002.

We plan to mail all affected members on 31st August to explain what you
need to do next. Prior to that date, we would ask all members to visit
the membership list at
to check that their contact details are correct.

If you need to change your mail address, please ensure that you contact
membership gnome org before 31st August. Don't worry about changing any
other details at this stage. We also appreciate members with CVS
accounts NOT updating membership files themselves, we'll just get

The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee
  Eric Baudais <baudais kkpsi org>
  Mike Newman <mike gtnorthern demon co uk>
  Andy Tai <atai atai org>
  Ghee Teo <ghee teo sun com>
  Vincent Untz <vincent vuntz net>

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