Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 18 September 2001

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 18 September 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Jim Gettys       
    Owen Taylor
    Miguel de Icaza  
    Tim Ney          (director)
    Raph Levien
    Maciej Stachowiak (from :17)
    Leslie Proctor   (first half)

    Bart Decrem (regrets)

    John Heard
    Dan Mueth        

  - bless the Gnome-2.0 Release group, looks good !
  - start the process to this years elections, look for volunteers to
    organize them folowing a process similar to last year's ones.

Action Done:

  ACTION: Owen try to summarize the issues on the font situation
   => Done

  ACTION: Havoc to add Tim to board list
   => Done

  ACTION: Jim to provide Tim all the informations about the fonts state
   => Done

  ACTION: Tim to send a mail to Rob Gingell to get the lawyers paid
   => Talk to John, pending until feedback from the lawyers
      on the agenda


  ACTION: Havoc to sent the Advisory Board list to the Board,
          looking for completion of the member liason.
   => Tim is working on this.

  ACTION: John to try to get a copyright assignment form and procedure
          for the GNOME Foundation.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Maciej to email the Board the current draft of the platform
          license policy for review.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Federico to make a summary of the account policy suggestions
   => pending

New Actions:

  ACTION: Havoc to send mail on foundation list to get volunteers to
          organize the new elections

  ACTION: Federico semd a mail to foundation list providing an overview
          of the current state on the accounts policy.

  ACTION: Havoc to ask who is interested (and in what) for the ALS
          hacking session


 - approve last week's minutes:

 - Leslie gave an update on ALS and general progress:
   we have a booth (#621) For the Annual Linux showcase (Oakland CA)
   we secured it with USENIX for the 8/9/10
   Tim is looking for the hardware needed:
    - hubs, wireless
    - check for the network drop
    - trying to extend the booth on the 7th with KDE/Gnome interop
   Leslie tries to defines some common wording about interop to use by both
     KDE and Gnome projects
   Trying to build a marketing group and PR plan for next 6 months.
   Leslie will answer the press-contact, which will go to board-list + Leslie

 - Gnome-2.0 release:
   everybody happy with the way this proceeds
   The group gets the blessing from the Board.

 - It looks like we need new lawyers for applying for state and federal
      tax exempt status.
   No news from Sun.
   We need to work on Tax Exempt Status
   We could make some of the work ourselves, to investigate

 - Help write by-laws:
   Tim has a draft and a charter.
   It's basically writing (in legal terms) the way we are operating now.
   Get feedback from the foundation-list on this.

 - Organizing the next elections:
   Which should be organized accordingly to the by-laws which we don't
     but we can reuse the previous process. 
   We need a group to run the elections again.
   We should send a mail to the foundation-list to get

 - in our last minutes, we noted that the "accounts policy" needs
   some followup on foundation-list; hasn't happened yet.
   Federico will send a mail 

 - raising funds:
   Foundation membership fees
   Selling Tee-shirts
   Donations once Tax Exempt Status is granted
   People want to help, we need a lightweightstructure to allow small 
   The main target is still to get hackers togethers.
   Miguel will help Tim on fund raising, we expect Dan to be interested


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