Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 4 September 2001

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 4 September 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Jim Gettys       -> 3pm EST
    Owen Taylor
    Dan Mueth        
    Raph Levien
    Miguel de Icaza  -> 3:30pm EST
    Tim Ney          (director)
    Maciej Stachowiak 

    Bart Decrem (regrets)
    John Heard

    - We didn't managed to get the decision for the new Gnome
      Coordinator. We will however make this decision before the next
      meeting since it's urgent.
    - Tim will followup on the work of getting fonts based since Jim's 
      won't be able to pursue it in the next months for personal reasons.

Action Done:

  ACTION: Havoc to send mail introducing Kjartan to Leslie
    and the mystery guest so that we can get feature list
   for 1.4.1 press release.
   => Done

  ACTION: Owen to check details of email/shell-account/cvs policy.
   => Done but still on the agenda

  ACTION: Mjs to build the "release coordinator duties"
   => Done

  ACTION: Havoc to send mail seeking a release coordinator
   => Done


  ACTION: Havoc to sent the Advisory Board list to the Board,
          looking for completion of the member liason.
   => Tim is working on this.

  ACTION: John to try to get a copyright assignment form and procedure
          for the GNOME Foundation.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Maciej to email the Board the current draft of the platform
          license policy for review.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Tim to send a mail to Rob Gingell to get the lawyers paid
   => Talk to John, pending until feedback from the lawyers

New Actions:

  ACTION: Federico to make a summary of the account policy suggestions

  ACTION: Owen try to summarize the issues on the font situation

  ACTION: Havoc to add Tim to board list

  ACTION: Jim to provide Tim all the informations about the fonts state


 - approved minutes from last meeting
   => approved

 - account policies, see:

   The account policy is not completely fixed.
   We should check what new projects get added, account are usually requested
   for a given projects.
   Anything added for an existing project is usually approved by the maintainer
   and that fixes the question.
   The real problem is when new project (and associated accounts) need to
   be added.
   Rough consensus should be sufficient to include a new project after
   discussion on the fondation list.
   We should have a mail based request tracker for those requests.

   => followup on foundation list is needed

 - interoperability conf
   on the 7th of November the day before the X Technical conference.

 - news one the font front
   Jim sent mail about the proposal:
      - Jim will be away starting in 1 month need someone to take over
      - IBM is looking into getting money for this
      - get more font "how does this work"
   Still getting a link to their web site where extra fonts can be purchased.
   Raph suggests to look at his lastest advogato diary

 - Tim reported on LinuxWorld and administrative work:
   Booth nearby the .org pavillion with net connection and electricity
     donated by IDG and equipment loaned by Ian McKellar.
   Number of volunteers helped: 
     Steve M Bibayoff, Clay Claiborne, Kieran Hervold, Mike Higashi,
     Mae Ling Mak, Ian McKellar, Seth Nickell, Leslie Proctor, Alex Spehr,
     Maciej Stachowiak
     - technical difference between KDE and Gnome
     - technical difference between Ximian and Gnome
     - what are the technical advantage
     - where can I get Gnome
   Accessibility PR went out but it wasn't completely smooth, thanks
     to Havoc, Christian Schaller and Joakim Ziegler for updating the site.
   How to get more information on the project (not from an programmer
     point of view) ?
   Need to reshape the "selling" task force, gnome-press-contact@ is not
     handled in a predicatble way, nor the marketing list.
   We have Tax ID number, the bank forms are being signed.
   People don't want to see the KDE-Gnome opposition suggested by media
     being actaully reflected or accepted.

 - GNOME 2 release coordinator
   3 candidates Michael Meeks, Jeff Waugh, Maciej.
   We discussed this at length, and didn't had time to get to a decision
   (though we overrun the meeting).
   Since it is really urgent to get the decision we will finish it by
   mail and have the result available in the next few days without having
   to wait for the next Board meeting.


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