I would like to put myself forward for a position on the GNOME
foundation board. 

--- short version ---

I'm an ex-Eazel hacker from Australia who is living in California. I
have some experience running anarchic organisations like GNOME (on a
smaller scale) and a strong belief in Free Software.

--- long version ---

I've been on ByxNet IRC for a long time but I only began contributing to
GNOME about two years ago. I helped out with the web site and then began
hacking on GnomeVFS. I was lucky enough to be hired by Eazel and when I
completed my university degree I moved from Australia to California. Now
I'm working for a new startup called Danger that has absolutely nothing
to do with GNOME. I'm the maintainer of GnomeVFS though most of the work
on it is being done by other people right now.

Apart from some technical skills and a love offree software I can bring
a bit of experience running an organisation. I was heavilly involved in
the computer club at my university for a few years serving as
vice-president, president and treasurer. 

Most importantly you should vote for me so I have less time to do very
evil hacks like translucent panels and panel applets.


PS: I agree with jamesh that we should move to a more modern election

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