Jim Gettys for the board...

Jim Gettys
Jim Gettys compaq com

As the mail address implies, I work for Compaq Computer Corporation.

I'd like to continue to be on the board to help Gnome reach its potential.
I feel that we are about a year from having the ingredients to make open
source desktops viable for the mass market and would like to do what I
can to help make this happen.  As part of this, I believe interoperability
is a key ingredient, and will work to encourage Gnome to invest in this

My background is known to many of you: Bob Scheifler and I started the
X Window System (thank you for continuing its history).  I've also worked
in audio, having worked on the AF audio server, and have been editor
of the HTTP/1.1 specification in the IETF.  Before I started hacking computers
for computer's sake, I hacked computers for astronomy's sake.

			- Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Compaq Computer Corporation
jg pa dec com

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