Candidacy - Chema Celorio

I would like to nominate myself to the GNOME Foundation Board.

	I have been an active contributor to GNOME during the past few years. I
have been involved in many GNOME projects including gedit, gnome-print,
Ximian Setup Tools, the new control center, and gnumeric. I am a strong
believer that GNOME will on day be used on a large percentage of
desktops, because I am confident that we can make GNOME the best
desktop. Apart from my hacking duties I have also enjoyed non-hacking
related tasks like approving posts to mailing lists, cvsmaster@ work,
cleaning bugzilla, writing documentation, etc., contributions that I
value as important as any hacking work I've done.

	I have been involved in gnome-love, a project announced by Miguel
during the last GUADEC conference. It is an effort to help new
contributors get involved with gnome by providing guidance, ideas and
help with the GNOME infrastructure. The gnome-love project has already
created hackers who are now working on different projects. The work on
gnome-love is far from over and there is still a lot to do to lower the
barrier for contributions even more.

	I want to be on the board because i want to help GNOME and its
community even further. I have a very good relationship with a number of
GNOME contributors, which will allow me to contribute more as a board
member. I have learned how to work with the community and how to reach
consensus by making compromises.

	I am currently employed by Ximian as the Ximian Desktop manager.

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