Name: Chris Lyttle
Email: chris wilddev net

I'd like to run for the GNOME Board. I am an expatriate Kiwi living in 
the USA. I have been involved for several years in contributing to the 
GNOME Documentation Project and recently the GnuCash project. I am a 
non-hacker but have been involved in community oriented projects when I
lived in New Zealand, starting an ISP business named PlaNet in Wellington 
which was non-profit and oriented towards enabling non-govt organisations
to communicate over the internet. The skills I gained working at PlaNet I 
believe would be helpful to the GNOME community. I was involved with 
setting up a national affiliation of local PlaNet businesses which helped 
me to be aware of the issues of communication between differing 
individuals and resolving those difficulties.

Chris Lyttle

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