GNOME Foundation Board Candidacy [Glynn Foster]

I would like to publicly dennounce...I mean *announce* candidacy
to the GNOME Foundation Board ;) [1]

Name: Glynn Foster
Email: glynn foster sun com
       [also (proud?) admit to having a gman goatsex org mail alias]
Company Affiliation: Sun Microsystems

Arguably known as Gman to most people, a 23 year old who qualified
from Trinity College Dublin with a BA Hons Moderatorship [whatever the
heck that means] in Mathematics and found himself working for Sun
Microsystems 3 months later and not only that, found himself working on

Loved getting involved in the GNOME project over the past year with
all sorts of hacks to gnome-session, panel, gnome-utils and more. I
am also active on and on very many mailing lists. I 
think it is important for a board member to know what is going on in
the community so that any discussions that come up at the board will
have up to-date information.

Likeable as hacking is, I have also been involved in some of the
administrative [and social] aspects of the project. I am currently
part of the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee which
handles all the membership applicants, this election and updating the website. I have also be involved with the website, in particular helping out with the 
Usability, Accessibility and dotPlan sections. I think the lack of new
material on the websites is the thing that is particularoly poor with
the project at the moment and I intend to make this a high priority.

Youth, energy and communication are probably my main strengths for a
position on the board. I have the time and the motivation needed for a
Foundation board position. In particular, I would like to see more
conversation between the board and the community to make sure that the
board is always an easily approachable body that helps the project
toward a unified goal.

Opinionated [who isn't] but prefer to think before I speak. Always
willing to compromise, willing to listen and, sometimes harder,
willing to accept that I am wrong.

Unusually willing to do some of the grunt work involved that other
people don't really want to do. Usually willing to bitch about it
while I do so ;) The important thing is that I have the time to do it.

Realise the need to help out with organizing GNOME events to make
sure that a minimum number of events happen each year so that people
can get together face to face and hack, talk and drink beer and
maintain a GNOME loving karma.

Beer, specifically Guinness. There is a time for hacking and a time to
just drink beer and have the craic [2]. Original coordinator of the
International Beer Day - expect bigger and better things in the
future [3].

All that Free Software yadda yadda yadda...Sun pay me to work on
GNOME and I intend to find the right balance to meet both GNOME's
needs and those of Sun and act impartially as necessary.

Seeing that interoperability, accessibility and usability are among
the most important issues that the project should working toward and
to make a desktop suitable for a large variety of environments.

Easily approachable and available whenever needed. I can't promise 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week but I can promise to give time regardless
of how trivial the nature

Other bits about me -

[1] Ideally it would be great if the GNOME Foundation Board kept the
majority of people who were on the board previously through for this
year because they did an excellent job. I also think the injection of
some new blood is also important and hence this mail

[2] In the Irish sense

[3] Parental Warning: I make no promises of free beer ever

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