Re: weird representation for FFFD

Le mercredi 06 juillet 2005 à 13:47 -0400, James Cloos a écrit :
> >>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> writes:
> Nicolas> dejavu just made it in fedora extras. Does it have the same
> Nicolas> problem ?  (if the answer is yes the dejavu people seem to
> Nicolas> fix their fonts pretty fast - just make them release a fixed
> Nicolas> version and I'll respin the dejavu package)

Thank you very much.
I must say it's a pleasure to see the DejaVu project thriving like any
other core FOSS project after all the various failures and dead ends on
the Linux font front.

Just continue like this and you'll create the corefonts of the FOSS


Nicolas Mailhot

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