Re: Bitstream Vera does not include U+2010 HYPHEN character


You may want to look on DejaVu fonts ( They are Bitstream Vera derivative and since version 1.5 contain U+2010.

Have a nice day.

Stepan Roh

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Andrew Archibald wrote:

I've just tracked down a rather annoying problem on my Debian system. For some reason, when a UTF-8 locale is set, man-db generates both ASCII hyphens and the character U+2010 (I have as yet no idea when or why itdoes one rather than the other). I use Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold in my terminal emulators, and it lacks any glyph for U+2010, so man pages appear full of "unknown character" boxes. The fix is easy: I just load the font into fontforge, copy the ASCII hyphen to position U+2010, and save the result somewhere fontconfig can find it; the problem goes away when I use the new font.

The Unicode hyphen character is supposed to look like the ASCII hyphen-or-minus character but disambiguate its meaning. It should look different from the Unicode minus character (mostly in vertical alignment).

The character itself may be easily produced:
$ python -c "print u'\u2010'"

It may not be preserved by the various mailers, and Mozilla Firefox (for example) replaces it on the fly with the same character from another font.

I am using Bitstream Vera 1.10. (Other software versions and so on can be found in the Debian bug report, at ).

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