Artifacts in Vera under Windows 2000

Using Bitstream Vera Sans at size 8 under Windows 2000 w/ and w/o anti-aliasing, I'm seeing some issues with spacing. With anti-aliasing, there are some issues with some letters appearing grey.

See attachment for example. In the title bar, the spacing between C and o in Common appears larger than the other spacings. I'm seeing this in a lot of other words as well. In addition, the V's appear as grey letters due to anti-aliasing. I've attached the screenshot as a BMP file, zipped to eliminate compression artifacts.

Other issues I'm seeing (all at size 8, using Bitstream Vera Sans):
Without antialiasing, 0's appear filled in.
With anti-aliasing 4's and the tips of 3's appear greyish

Font looks awesome. I'm still going to use it full-time even with some of the issues.


Description: Zip archive

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