Re: XMP & IPTC and their relationship.

Yup, already aware of it.  Partial translation from the old style iptc
to xmp using the IPTC4XMP guidelines was there from the very beginning
of XMP support.  Someone feeling motivated could look over it and see if
they can fill in the missing pieces.


On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 18:58 -0300, guilbault mailinglists gmail com
> Considering the work and thought you guys have been putting into managing 
> metadata lately as well as Bengt Thuree's recent patch, I figured that you 
> may want to check out the IPTC organization's specification for syncing with 
> XMP metadata.  There's a fair bit of stuff that may (or may not) be useful to 
> you guys.
> For some time now, more serious photographers have stored their metadata in 
> IPTC fields.  This system was created by photojournalists as a standard way 
> of preserving copyrights and other important information (including 
> keywords).  It has been standard for years now.  Lately, XMP has been pushed 
> by Adobe as the way that metadata should be stored and it seems to be gaining 
> traction.  It's main advantage is the more flexible XML structure it is 
> designed around.  The above link addresses synchronizing these two metadata 
> formats in a sensible way (mostly converting IPTC to XMP in a standard way 
> actually).  It may also give you useful insight into XMP and IPTC and, 
> hopefully, make things easier on anyone trying to work with either type of 
> metadata. 
> --Jonathan Guilbault.
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