Re: Sidecar :(

On Fr, 2006-05-26, 10:01, Jamie Wilkinson skrev:

> Why don't you ask the user?  Quod Libet is a jukebox (written in Python)
> that has one of the best metadata editing systems I've ever seen.
> If you get two different values for the same key in the metadata, default
> to
> one but let the user pick the canonical source from a dialog.

Actually, it is already prepared for that. (I am passing the Dialog
parameter, :) )
But need to do it inteligently since asking for 5-6 parameters per picture
of a batch of 100 or so is not that good.
Was thinking on the lines of allowing the user to specify "remember this
choice" for this session or for ever.
But that's for later. Right now want to ensure the small patch is not that
bad and works as it should.


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