location of photosdb


I am just wondering why the sqlite database, photosdb, is located under

I thought, perhaps totally wrong, that the .gnome directory only would
contain gnome specific settings, and in particular non-default ones. So
you should be able to remove the .gnome and start it again if you really
want to get the latest and grandest in gnome. (For instance, upgrading
from Breezy to Dapper Flight serie have left out a few things on my
desktop, and I am planning to re-install dapper later on).

It would make more sence I think to have the sqlite database by default
in a subdirectory of the Photos folder. Just one major directory to

Also Firefox is storing its stuff under .mozilla, which is at least
separate from .gnome or .kde, but not to nice with a dot directory you
might miss to backup.

Any comments or pointers to what I have missed in my reasoning.


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