Re: Importing photos with XMP info already in them.

On 03/07/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
What do you mean F-Spot style?
F-Spot has stored the tags in the photo or?

A friend of mine created a script that converts the IPTC tags to XMP
tags in the photos using the JPEG Metadata Toolkit. The format of the
XMP tags was created by analysing XMP tags created in Fspot.

Did you not before try to store the embedded IPTC tags in an external XMP
SideCar format, or?

Yes, but I couldn't patch Fspot, and we moved on to this approach.
I'll try to patch Fspot now that the patches apply cleanly and see how
it goes.

>> embedded in them. Fspot is not recognising the tags. Will Fspot not
>> recognise tags created outside of itself?
> F-Spot does not currently import XMP tags.  Please see


>> How could I embed the info in the photos such that fspot will
>> recognise it? Thanks in advance.
> There is no way to do it easily.  I wrote a patch to import 'keywords'
> from gThumb a while back, you could somehow get the XMP tags in that
> format and use that patch (which probably doesn't apply cleanly
> anymore).  CC yourself to the above bug to follow its progress.

Both patches on this bug now applies cleanly to Head.
Warrens patch will not work, since it demands the XMP information in a
sidecar. If you converted your IPTC tags to an external XMP sidecar file,
this patch works fine.
My patch might work since it can import F-Spot tags, as well as XMP tags
from IView MediaPro. Regarding importing XMP sidecar, it should work also.

If all the patches apply cleanly, I'll try them one-by-one and see
where I get to! Thanks, everybody, for all the advise, and for fixing
the patches. I really appreciate your efforts.

Dotan Cohen

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