Query Branch is Back

At long last (over six months) I have resuscitated the F_SPOT_QUERY
branch; it is open for business.

I have even made a key change (fixing one of Larry's objections): when
you double click on a tag, it automatically adds that tag to the
search (ANDs it).  Before there was some silliness with either
triggering the editing of the tag name or having to have the tag
highlighted before double clicking.

You can check it out from CVS with

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome co -P -r
F_SPOT_QUERY -d f-spot-query f-spot

cd f-spot-query
./autogen.sh && make
cd src
./f-spot --uninstalled

 - no checkboxes next to the tag icons
 - double clicking/activating a tag (or tags) will AND them to the
current query
 - once the query bar is shown (you activated at least one tag) you
can dnd other tags to/from it, and rearrange them in the query (eg to
make an AND an OR)
 - you can double click on a tag in the query bar to make it negated (NOT tag)
 - you can right click on tags in the query bar
 - you can access all this functionality via the Find menu

Also note that if you have the tag selection list focused (and you
have your tags expanded) you can search your tags then activate them,
all with the keyboard, and we can add shortcuts for more functionality
too.  And with this now active again, if Thomas or somebody else can
get his text-entry find bar working again
(http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=139796#c30) that would be

Larry's main problem with this approach has always seemed to me to be
that it isn't quite as obvious as a checkbox is.  But I think this
approach will work well (let's get it tested to be sure) because as
soon as the user selects a tag and realizes that doesn't do anything,
they will either double click/activate it or right click.

Other things to make it better:
 - Put grips on the tag images so dnd is more obvious
 - Fix minor bug in reporting when a tags is "Required" or find
better terminology
 - ?

Happy hacking,


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