Re: Photo grouping

On 4/8/06, Marcus Hast wrote:

> Before I found F-Spot one of the applications I'd wanted to do was a
> Photography "work-flow" app. It's pretty much what you talk about
> above, but a central idea was to have a lot of possible chaining of
> operations. Basically make a simple "black box" of a photo operation
> (like tuning channels) and let it accept one image and spit out
> another. The box would then have a bunch of "dials" which would tune
> how it worked.
> The idea would be that you could take one (or several) images and run
> a "work flow" on them and you got a result out. If you wanted to tune
> it you could open the work flow up and tune the parameters so it
> suited that image. (Possibly saving the settings to make it easier to
> apply to a new image set.)
> I'm not sure if this would suit in the F-Spot idea of photo
> management. I'm personally thinking it might be even better to have
> multiple applications which cooperate instead of one big program which
> does a little of everything.
> If you are interested I can go over my notes (most are on paper) and
> see if I can come up with a more coherent design.

Pasting a snapshot of changes from one image to some other is a known
concept, it works at least in Canon's RAW processing software. The
difference is that it only remembers changes and doesn't allow editing
them. Thus editable chain of processing/effects sounds like an
interesting idea.

What is also interesting for me is how far F-Spot's developers want to
go with processing, since there are always several ways to accomplish
a task [1] ;-)



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