Re: browse/edit toggle button patch

Hi all,

there is also a similar odd behavior with the bullets in 'View>Arranged
By' menu entry. Both 'Month' and 'Directory' are checked at startup
I think it's only a problem in the glade file...


On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 23:27 -0500, John Russell wrote:
> I sent an email a few days ago about some questions and problems I was
> having with f-spot.  I didn't hear much back but I figured everyone
> was still dizzy from all the tryptophan so I started poking around the
> code.  I know java so C# isn't all that far away.
> Here is my first ( amazingly trivial ) patch.
> The Browse/Edit toggle buttons have an odd behavior.  When you click
> the browse button it is set to active and view_mode is set to
> ModeType.PhotoView.  However if you click it again, the button becomes
> inactive.  Same thing for the Edit button.
> I know this is a very small thing but I wanted to get my feet wet. 
> The attached patch just makes sure that the buttons stay synced up
> with whatever the current view_mode is.
> I was thinking that this might be better implemented with radio
> buttons but I didn't want to make waves and this worked.
> Hope all is well.
> John
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