First impressions


Thanks guys for a really nice photo management application. I have used it for a couple of days now to import and catogorize approx 2500 pics, and I have some thoughts and suggestions that I would like to share

a) File management. It would be very nice if it could be integrated better with the running file manager (konq, nautilis etc). I am on a Suse machine with KDE.
b) Tag context. It is not possible to have two tags with the same name (fx 2003) even if they are in different "contexts/categories). A bug?
c) Category editor. It is not possible to create a top level category.
d) Preview. When no category/tag is selected, all pictures are displayed. I would like to have the option of viewing only pictures that are unassigned (no category, no tag). AFAIK this can not be done today.

I have browsed the mailing list and the TODO and saw that click-tag-assignment is on the list. Will make things much simpler. I also saw that more image editing is planned. I really think that this should be left to special apps like Gimp, and that f-spot focuses on its "core business", photo collection management.

End of rant, happy coding!

--- Anders Östling                                      |
--- P91 Västra FC Helsingborg Innebandy   |
--- IKEA IT AB                                           |

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