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Whoops, meant to reply to the list with this question.

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Thanks, that is awesome.

One more thing, and I think this is more of a Mono question.

How about support for sqlite3, instead of sqlite2?


Larry Ewing wrote:

Right now you can only send full size photos with File->Send Mail.  That
will change shortly, but yeah sending mail with all the features is part
of the plan.


On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 13:59 -0500, Ken VanDine wrote:
Is there plans to add a feature to email photos? My wife is a big iPhoto user, and that is the one feature that is keeping her on the Mac. She likes to be able to select some pictures, and hit the email button. iPhoto resizes the pictures and lets her send them to her whole family. Perhaps you can look into how nautilus-sendto integrates with evolution to send attachments... just an idea.

What do you guys think? Oh, and by the way... F-spot rocks!
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