Disregarding lo-res icons, and not recording import event in db?

I am amazed by the quality of this software; I've just installed 0.1.5
onto ubuntu.  Great stuff.  There are two things I'm curious about.

1) My camera saves a sub-directory with low-resolution copies of the
photos, 320x240 pixels.  F-spot successfully avoids saving these
duplicates, which is awesome (iPhoto fails in this regard).

However: I have a huge number of junk .gifs with names such as
"nxtbutton.gif" and "portrait.gif" because the software I used to
import these photos put them into composed HTML pages.  The unwanted
elements all appear in "html/icon" subdirectories.  Is there some
clean way to remove them all? ...And maybe avoid importing them

For future imports, I suppose I can un-check the "subdirectories"
import, and do one directoy at a time.

I've been using the "arrange by directory" and moving ahead to the
next "html/icon" subdir, then removing them in a batch of 15 at a
time, which I figure I have about 200 batches to do, so I'm hoping
there might be a clean and clever shortcut.  ...something like an
arrange by file-size or file-type would be handy for doing this
manually. Or for automatic imports, some way to ignore importing
graphics that are smaller than (say) 200x200 pixels?

2) Importing 5000 photos, all 5000 show up under today's date as well
as the EXIF date. Is there a way to turn this behaviour off?  I can
see the utility of searching by when I uploaded the photo, but
browsing seems bogged down by the duplicates.

If either of these are best handled by a bug report, I'm happy to file
one; I just wanted to make sure they're not covered by a feature I
hadn't found.



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