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Thanks. working fine. It is good to make it available for everybody.
I did try to build it from source on breezy but didn't spend enough time to work out all the dependency and all the packages that I had to install. If somebody who has compiled F-Spot on breezy could publish the list of ubuntu packages to install i'm sure it would be appriciated. I think it would make it easier from people to contribute. I have wanted to look at the source code and maybe fix bugs, but I have been put off by having to work out the depency first. I know it is a poor excuse but I'm sure it would help.

On 12/22/05, Johan Segernäs <johan sege nu> wrote:
On 2005-12-22 10:33 -0600 or thereabouts, Phil Howard wrote:
> That would be great.  If you want to mail it to me I can put it up on my
> server so others can get it too.

'deb ./' in your sources.list and upgrade.

Or download the deb on ''.

- Johan

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