Re: Small patch to Original export feature

søn, 11,.12.2005 kl. 23.39 +0100, skrev Stian Jordet:
> Hi,
> this patch makes the comments on Original export actually work. I'm
> pretty sure the if/else thing is done wrong, but that's the best I can
> do. I upped the quality on conversion to 100, because the thumbs on
> Original looked pretty ugly, and this helped a bit. I'm not sure if
> that's acceptable, but I couldn't find a way to do it only for the
> thumbs.
> Please consider (and please tell me what I've done wrong!)

I see that you have fixed the off-by-one error, but you left out the
most important fix. Original expects the comments files to be named
1.txt 2.txt 3.txt. They are now called img-1.txt, img-2.txt... That
needs to be fixed.

Second, It's just silly to have "<span>photo 1</span> The description",
since original already prints the photo number. So if the photo has a
description, use that. Else use the photo index. Whatever approach,
everything should be inside the <span>.

So for now, comments are not working at all with original, because they
have the wrong filename.


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