i'm with you

Hello ...

I'm the developper of Jbrout (http://jbrout.online.fr/#screenshots)
a "photo manager" that i've started last year ...
i've tried a lot of product (adobe psa, picasa, imatch, ...), and a
lot from the gpl world too
But have'nt found the good product ! So i've started to developp mine
in a gpl spirit ... with python & wxpython ...

Recently i've full switched to linux ... and will continue to maintain
my jbrout for a while ...
But i've got some trouble with wxwidget under linux, and not enough
time to bring it to good ...

I find your nice product, which aim to be an "adobe psa" clone ...
Adobe psa has got a lot of good features, but it's not the perfect product !
I'd like to explain all "good features" of my product ... that i'd
like to see in f-spot ... but i've not a lot of time, and my english
is poor ... (and on the website, there is only a french version ;-( )

I think your product will be a very good product, with all the active
community, it will near perfection ! And i think i will use it in a
near future ! for sure ! (I think i could participate with you,
because i'm a csharp developper (on win platform, at my job))

of course i've tried f-spot, which seems to be very bugged on my
mdk10.1 linux (exif not read ?! rotate core dump ...)... but i'll wait
for a next release, or will get the cvs one of this day ...
and try to make a good report of all strange things ...

my product is a mix of psa/picasa/imatch ...
- tags/comment stored in the picture (no db !!! just a volatile-db in
a xml format to speed up the searchs, which can be rebuild from
scratch at any time)
- able to manage albums (and nested albums), which are simple folders
on the fs. (which can be moved in jbrout or in the fs)
- powerful search ... tags (with or without) and/or albums (with or
without) and/or range time. (very speed with 10000 photos)
- use jpeg thumbnail, and able to rotate/rebuild them along with pictures
- a basket system (picasa) to be able to select a lot of photos (to be
able to apply a lot of operation with them, (export, .. which are
- calendar view

i'd like to have in f-spot :
- the concept of "no-db" by saving tags&comment in pictures ... 
- a "basket widget" (see picasa)
- and a calendar view (see adobe psa)

i will make you a better review in the future ..
and perhaps will participate in f-spot ...

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