Re: Trying f-spot for (almost) the first time

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 09:59:51PM +0200, Stian Jordet wrote:
> Hi,
> fre, 22,.10.2004 kl. 14.31 -0400, skrev Benjamin Kahn:
> >       * I should be able to select a directory as a source for images.
> >         Images added to this directory should automatically import.
> I would give anything for this feature, it's the only thing I miss. I'm
> using a perl script that stores the pictures the way I want them, and
> would, at least for now, like to continue to use that. Would be just so
> sweet :)
> This is kind of in bugzilla already (not exactly your feature, but
> duplicate detection), bug #153339 with a patch, I just realized :D 

Great to hear!  
This is particularily needed, especially if you import pictures to 
a central location from multiple sources (IE: my gf will import 
pictures on her computer to the fileshare) and having to import 
those files (and risk having dupes, assuming you can find them) 
sucks.  I have the same problem with rhythmbox... I have to 
periodically nuke my rb database and just re-import my /mp3 mount.

Alan <alan ufies org> -
"There are only 3 real sports: bull-fighting, car racing and mountain 
climbing. All the others are mere games."                -- Hemingway

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