Re: Trying f-spot for (almost) the first time

> >       * I should be able to select a directory as a source for images.
> >         Images added to this directory should automatically import.
> you can.  The directory selection logic in gtkfilechooser is just very,
> very confusing.  Federico you want to comment on this? 

ah I misread this (twice, sorry fede).  Todd had a patch that started
work on this which he later lost in a laptop upgrade.  Really the only
thing blocking this is the same thing blocking the duplicate checking.
It is more trouble than it should be to check version paths.  I have a
plan to deal with it and hope to get to it soon.

What needs to happen is a reworking of how the db stores versions, right
now it just stores them by name and it really needs to store the whole
path so that we can make a single query and do path checks.  I'm hoping
to get to this soon since it is blocking a few key features at this


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