Re: [evolution-patches] Patch to fix memory leak in e-gw-item.c

Committed  two of your patches (contact editor and e-gw-item memory leak). The third was already in.
Modified your Changelogs a bit, though. You can refer the previous entries for style in your future patches. :-)


On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 06:35 -0400, Ulrich Neumann wrote:
Here is the corrected patch.
BTW: Can you commit this and the other two patches I've sent some days ago?

>>>JP Rosevear <jpr novell com> 05/06/05 5:51 am >>>
On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 18:27 -0400, Ulrich Neumann wrote:

>attached is a patch that fixes a memory leak in

Note that g_free actually does a NULL check itself, so the if (value)
check is redundant.

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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