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Hi Meilof,

I guess its ok as a first cut, the approach generally looks good anyway.,

So, issues (long list, looks bigger than it is).
- must use c89, not c99.  i.e. no inline declarations.  this is mandatory for evo cvs.
- style is a bit funny but, its a plugin so i'm not too fussed (until we start maintaining it).
- some of the menu item names could be better, but its not a huge issue - e.g. "_List" -> "Mailing _List".
- it would be really nice to send the mail automatically, not have it just bring up a composer, which doesn't really explain what you need to do to use it.  This is a feature for 'newbies', so it should be fairly fullproof and easy to use.  Like if its a mailto: link, it could run the mailto, and then pop up a window explaining what it did and what to expect (e.g. 'you should receive a mail with help soon' or whatever).  To do this you create a message, then append it to the outbox, and then trigger a queue send (em_reply_to_message goes through all of these steps through various (async) callbacks).  Creating a message is a bit painful but not impossibly so.
- it would be nicer to use proper e-error xml definitions for most of the messages, rather than using the builtin types.  This also handles translation, which none of the code does (i presume thats just work in progress).  This will make e-error invocations simpler too since you shouldn't need to create temporary strings.
- you must get the message from the folder via another thread.  e.g. use mail_get_message() (from mail-ops.h), and run the actual code from the 'done' callback.
- use g_ascii_strcasecmp if you're after an ascii strcasecmp, strcasecmp will be a utf8 one and localised
- i suggest you use 'visible' rather than 'enable' for the mask for the popup menu, so the menu doesn't get too long if it doesn't need to be shown.

I would probably also make the "action" argument an enumeration, and use a table to look up the header names.  This means you wont need to strcasecmp the "action" to find out when you're doing List-Post either.  And - this will let the code handle 'other' list action schemes, because i'm sure there are more than one type, and we'll get bug reports if it doesn't work with something out there.

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 03:26 +0200, Meilof Veeningen wrote:

I just finished my mailing list actions plugin, which now supports both
normal menu's in the message browser and the message view, and the popup
menu from the browser.

The result can be fetched here:

The idea is that this can be unpacked to the plugins directory of the
Evo CVS, then the Makefile can be added to, and the plugin
should work.

I would like comments about whether this is good enough to be included
in the Evo CVS.

 -- meilof wanadoo nl

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