Re: [evolution-patches] First portion of weather calendar

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 05:40 -0600, David Trowbridge wrote:
> Attached is a tarball of a weather calendar backend for e-d-s. This is
> the first step in doing the full weather calendars. I've got some
> (minimal) patches for e-d-s and evo to accompany this, but a crash that
> I'm having difficulty debugging has popped up, so for now I'd just like
> some minimal review on this while I bang my head against the crash.
> I welcome any comments, and if anyone wants to give a shot at figuring
> out this crash, I'd be thrilled :)
sorry for the delay, but haven't had much time to look at this.

It mainly looks good to me, haven't really looked in too great detail,
but what I saw looks ok, and just in case you were waiting for a 'looks
ok, go ahead', here it is :)
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo novell com>

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