Re: [evolution-patches] #55299: Can't change several attachment property in Mail

Hi, Jeff
Thank you for your kindness.

I just find a new bug with the attachment bar.
I find that gnome_icon_list_get_selection often cann't get the right selection
of the attachment bar.The GList that returned is always larger than it should be. I will Resubmit this patch after I fix this.



在2004年03月12日的03:27,Jeffrey Stedfast写道:
Next time, please set the attachment to Disposition: inline so replying auto-quotes the patch text...

that said:

- please following the coding style

if (foo)


if (foo)
else {

- if (g_list_length(p) >= 2)  should be: if (g_list_length (p) > 1)

"> 1" is clearer (also note the space before the '(')

- don't put gratuitous spacing in the variable declarations:

+       GList     *p, *menu_item;

GList *p, *menu_item;

also, in this case 'p' isn't very informative. A better variable name here would be 'selection'

- (GtkWidget *)(menu_item->data)

to be more consistant with the rest of the mailer code, just use: (GtkWidget *) menu_item->data

- doing menu_item->data is just gross and is very likely to break if we ever decide to add a new menu item or change the order of the menu items later (which is possible). A better solution would involve either naming the menu items or having a table somewhere that defined the order of the menu items and using that table to get the proper one.


On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 14:46 +0800, Bill Zhu wrote:

Hi, please see this bug:
I think it is not necessary to popup many dialogs for each attachments.
so I disabled the "properities" menu item when selecting multi attachments.


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