Re: [evolution-patches] #55579: Search is buggy and not usable.

You shouldn't call copy_values, clone() already copies the values, so
remove this.

Could you also add a changelog and fix the formatting please? (blank
line after the declaration block) and resubmit.  It basically looks ok
otherwise (not that i've run the patch but it looks ok).

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 11:34 +0800, Bill Zhu wrote:

> hi, please see this bug
> This a bug of filter_rule_clone.
> When we invoke the "advanced search" dialog, we use
> g_object_set_data_full to band a rule to the dialog on creating it.
> the rule banded with the dialog is a clone 
> of  efb->current_query. we use this bit of code to do it:
>     rule = filter_rule_clone (efb->current_query);
> but there is a problem in filter_rule_clone.
> because when we copy a the parts of a rule, the pointers of parts are
> copied but the actual data isn't.
> so this cause the current result:
> for example after we select the "not contain" menu item, the current
> query is changed too.
> As a result, when clicking the "clear" button...
> Regards
> Bill

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