Re: [evolution-patches] patch for some more gw account setup changes

don't use e_notice, infact we need to remove that entirely from the tree, nothing should be using it as it doesn't display properly formatted.

use e_error.  just put the error itself in mail/mail-errors.xml and use it directly from that.

jpr?  string freeze breakage?

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 14:10 +0530, Sivaiah N wrote:
In order to work well with all possible deployment scenarios, we need to
make some more changes to setup. Earlier the assumption is that SOAP as
well as IMAP protocol are available on same host which is not correct.

So i have added two more conf entries to receiving options tab for this.
One CONF_ENTRY to receive the ip of host where SOAP is available. This
is auto filled with ip of the host present in receivg mail tab.
one CONF_CHECKBOX to know whehter ssl has to be used or not for
SOAP.Ideally we should be using one option menu for this, but it looks
like it is not possible to add that to receiving options tab as of now.

So the attached patch has changes made to add the new conf entries, and
new auto_detect function for groupwise provider. In camel-gw-listener we
use the values from new settings everywhere we add the e-sources.


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
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