Re: [evolution-patches] another HIG patch

On Mar , 2004-01-06 at 14:31, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
>  > could you split this into 1 patch for each toplevel directory?
>  >
>  > ie, one for mail/, one for addresbsook/, one for  shell/, etc
>  >
>  > this will make it easier for us to review (since I can only OK the mail
>  > changes, I don't wan tto have to read thru pages and pages of other
>  > changes)
> Yes.  That is what I intended to do but I ran out of time before the 
> holidays and I wanted to make sure that I got all of the work to you in 
> time for any deadlines you may have since I was going to be out of town 
> for a couple weeks.  I figured it was better on the list than sitting in 
> my unused computer.

> I will try to do this in the next day or two.  However, I am presently 
> trying to retrieve my lost bags from a wonderful (as in to poop on) 
> domestic airline.
> Jon

Can you split it up more logically than just top-level components? Like,
per-dialog patches? Could you also leave out the, and patches, since Martyn Russell has already submitted a
patch for, and I fixed and
select-names.c to be more HIG-compliant, based on your original patch.
Also, could you not make all 300 or so K be displayed by default next
time? :)

Since Tuomas would like to see better descriptions and screen-shots,
rather than just a blanket "HIGified foo", to help with the review
process, having all the stuff split out would be much easier than
dealing with all the potential conflicts that could come of a single
patch that changes so many glade files.

-- dobey

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