Re: [evolution-patches] Maxx Cao appologize

>     Really sorry about last several mails, my evolution cannot attach 
> any thing correctly now, so you may have received several blank
> attachments since yestoday from me. I apologize here to all of you.

More our fault I guess, figured it would have to be evolution causing
issues :-/   No need to appologise.

Just to make sure (i never follow the version numbers properly), you are
using the CVS trunk version?

The trunk (head) version is likely to be going through some instability
during development phases (i.e. now).  To get around that I (will) have
mutliple copies installed, like the OS one which i use for my mail, and
different ones in /opt/??? for testing head/stable changes and/or
tracking different gnome versions.


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