[Evolution-hackers] Stupefied? Why can I not get Camel to see my provider when installing from RPM?


I am really starting to doubt my sanity here... I am having no problems
whatsoever with my Camel provider when installing from source and I can
build and install the RPMs without any problems at all. 

The weird part is that my Camel provider is ignored by e-d-s when
installing from RPMs although the very same files are installed from
either installation method.

In summary: I am trying to install evolution-brutus from RPM on FC4. I
have the Evolution 2.4 related RPMs from "www.nrpms.net" (good mirror
here: "http://nrpms.opus11.net/rpms/";). You can get the evolution-brutus
RPMs here:


You do not need a running Brutus server to install evolution-brutus and
configure a Brutus based account, but you won't be able to use it for
anything without a Brutus server somewhere.

What goes wrong is that the Brutus server type is missing when
configuring a mail account :-(

How do I figure out what I am doing wrong? Any help will be greatly

Thanks a lot in advance,

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