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I want to start using GTD (Getting things done) proccess in my work. I
use Evolution so i wan't to see how i can't inplement some things.
I have some different issues:

1) For the moment i don't have a palm, but may i buy one. So i wan't to
know if it's possible to sync different things with the palm (i supose
it depends on the model, so  i only need an estimation)
  a) categories 
  b) different todo list
  c) different calendars	
  d) different address books.

2) I have seen that it is possible to assing categories to email, but
they are only 6 and it is no possible to create more. It is planed for a
new release to be able to have arbitrary categories for emails?

I'm starting so when i pulish my workflow and setup of evolution, may be
i try to write a plugin to do this (Korganizer is doing something

Thanks in advance

Zunbeltz Izaola
Zunbeltz Izaola Azkona           (zunbeltz at wm dot lc dot ehu dot es)
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