Re: [Evolution-hackers] About changing password with exchange account

Usually the realm will be the domain name of the Active Directory 
(in all capital letters).You can ask your system administrator 
and find it out.

You have to set up your linux client to authenticate against 
active directory and also set the realm name, KDC server etc. in
your client's krb5.conf file.

You can try the kreberos client utilities like kinit to test your


On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 21:05 +0800, Irene Huang wrote:
> Hi, exchange connector developers
> I built my evolution with MIT kerberos support. However, when I try to
> change my password using the change password button in the account
> editor, it failed. Looking into the code, I found that
> krb5_get_init_creds_password in get_init_cred in
> evolution-data-server/servers/exchange/lib/e2k_kerberos.c returns
> I guess there may be some problems in the exchange server realm
> settings. How to find the realm name of the Exchange server? BTW, I can
> access the Exchange server machine.
> Any advice?
> Thanks. 
> --Irene
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