[Evolution-hackers] Exchange: Project update for evolution-brutus (FC4 RPMs available)


This is a short status report on the evolution-brutus (e-b for short)
plugin for Evolution 2.4. It has progressed a lot (again) since the last
status update.

What is e-b?

e-b is a plugin to Evolution 2.4 which provides access to Extended MAPI
and therefore to all Exchange servers since, and including, Exchange 5.5
on an equal basis. 

The access is provided by Brutus Server, which is a proxy translating
Extended MAPI requests to/from corresponding CORBA requests. Brutus is
distributed under the GPLv2 or later.

And the difference to evolution-exchange is?

Please see the first status report:



Browsing, creating and deleting folders as well as sending or reading
email is now almost fully functional. A few missing features is annoying
but not critic for most daily use. e-b is sufficiently feature complete
to allow daily use by non-developers.

Fedora Core 4 RPMs are now available.

Downloads and screenshots

Please follow the download link below to retrieve an installation binary
for Brutus Server and FC4 RPMs.

You can get the latest Brutus source release (0.9.23) here:

Fedora Core 4 RPMs here:

A handful of screenshots:


e-b build documentation and usage information is in
"brutus/idl/products/evolution/2.4/docs", generic sample applications
are in "brutus/idl/samples".

Feedback, comments and questions are welcome.

Best regards,

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