[Evolution-hackers] e-d-s pokeage ...

Hi there,

	So - I was pleased to see that the libebook .so remains unchanged from
evo 2.4 to 2.6 - and I just did a little review to try to ensure that
this indeed reflects an unchanged ABI ;-)

	It seems that is the case - which is great thanks - I need only to
update a comment in OO.o ;-) however, as with all reviews I happened on
some other things:

	+ e-name-western.h: urgh not good practice
		+ do we really want to export this structure ?
		  surely an opaque type & accessors is ~always 
		  better ?

	+ e-name-western-tables.h:
		+ looks broken to me:
		* if you include this header it will instantiate
		  this large set of strings in each module / 
		* all such lists of strings should prolly be
		  defined 'const' so we put them in a shared
		  linker section, to save memory.
		* I imagine the header should have
		  'extern const char *' and just the symbol names
		+ why is this installed anyway ? are there 
		  better ways to expose this ?

	+ you add:

-       module->library = g_module_open (module->path, 0);
+       module->library = g_module_open (module->path, G_MODULE_BIND_LAZY);

	in moving to 2.6 - which is some optimization; of course - it would be
rather better to use:


	instead. What that does is ensure that the plugin is not included in
the search path for symbols for other plugins - ie. subsequent plugins
as they link don't have to search this plugin for symbols. Assuming your
plugins don't depend on each other to provide symbols [ pretty broken
IMHO ] this not only accelerates linking, but prolly helps avoid various
potential tangled linking problems.

	HTH & thanks for not breaking the ABI again :-)



 michael meeks novell com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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