[Evolution-hackers] Regarding the commit made in plugins/mail-to-task/MakeFile.am

Hi kmaraas,
          I see the following commit made in the
plugins/mail-to-task/MakeFile.am. This does not have a ChangeLog.

@@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ INCLUDES =						\
-plugin_DATA = org-gnome-mail-to-task.eplug org-gnome-mail-to-task.xml
+plugin_DATA = org-gnome-mail-to-task.eplug #org-gnome-mail-to-task.xml
 plugin_LTLIBRARIES = liborg-gnome-mail-to-task.la
 liborg_gnome_mail_to_task_la_SOURCES = mail-to-task.c
 liborg_gnome_mail_to_task_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version
-EXTRA_DIST = org-gnome-mail-to-task.eplug.xml \
-	     org-gnome-mail-to-task.xml
+EXTRA_DIST = org-gnome-mail-to-task.eplug.xml
+#	     org-gnome-mail-to-task.xml
Now the file org-gnome-mail-to-task.xml will not be added in the
tarballs. The menu item will not appear in the evolution main menu under
Message. Is there any reason for this commit and was it approved by
anyone ?

- Chenthill.

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