[Evolution-hackers] e-d-s ABI breakage [ .so bump ] ...


	I spent a while digging into this and trying to patch it to remove the
changes and create something that could be back-compat, so we could
downgrade the .so version again.

	Then - I noticed that (apparently) SL 10.1 and SLED10 shipped with the
new ABI anyway; but (presuambly) we just failed to bump the .so number;
at least - I'm giving up until Wed. on the grounds of
incomprehensibility - but it looks like:

	* abi breakage occured *
	* SL10.1/code-10 ships *
	* .so versions bumped
	- now -
	* Gnome 2.16 ships *

	Which makes it look like code-10 shipped with a libebook that (while
having a different .so number) is fully compatible with the current ABI,
(and yet incompatible with the previous version with the same .so

	I guess that turns the problem into (mostly) a SUSE issue that we can
work around by some duplication/linking of the the various libraries
twice in our packages - [ugh]; and of course - reverting the ABI
breakage wouldn't help us - it'd prolly just further confuse an already
messy situation.

	Unless I'm confused again ?



 michael meeks novell com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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